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A Bit `Bout Me!



Hi!!   I'm Jose A. Hernandez.  I live in South Florida where I work as a system integration engineer to support my family and to "fund" my bent biking "habit".   My job as an integration engineer is actually the result of a mid-life career change and not the product of any formal education in computer science.  Sure, I got a BS degree from Barry College in North Miami, Florida,  but my formal education has NOTHING to do with 99.9% of the skills I need to make a living.  Prior to my working as a pseudo computer person, I was firmly stuck in a number of clinical laboratories for almost 20 years.

Now that you know what I do...  or done... perhaps I should tell you about who I think I am. The answer is quite simple. I'm not my job!  I'm just a person with more questions than answers. A person who loves life and living.  A family man and, a former couch potato whose life changed for the better after my first recumbent bike ride.   

 That one ride may have actually saved my life! .  You see, a few years ago I was in such bad physical shape I couldn't get life insurance! Suffice it to say that my body was falling apart. Fortunately, it only took one ride on a ReBike for me to see the light!  I realized that Recumbent Cycling REALLY MEANT NEVER Having to Say You're Sore and, I quickly adopted that as my slogan.  Suddenly, I became a bent enthusiast and started to collect all kinds of recumbent bicycles. I discovered that recumbent bikes are the  coolest, fastest and most comfortable bikes in the world. I became a bent evangelist on a mission.

I learned to setup a web site in order to promote recumbent cycling and http://www.getbent.org was born. I then came up with "The Broward Bent Wheelers,  a group of local bent folks who shared my bent fever. The Broward Bent Wheelers quickly outgrew its name as we had members from various Florida counties. We thus became known as the South Florida Recumbent Riders and, as recently as Dec 2003,  two sister groups (The Central Florida Recumbent Riders and the North Florida Recumbent Riders) were formed to reach more folks all over Florida.

After a year of planning, I Co-Founded `BentRider Online on January 2000 (www.BentRiderOnline.com).  My association with BentRider Online was been a lot of fun. It provided me with a bunch of learning opportunities and the chance to "test drive" numerous recumbent bicycles (see My Articles).


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