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Some Bent Tips & Tricks

By Jose A. Hernandez

Afraid of Clipless pedals?

Have  no fear.  According to Pat Lanphier, one of our readers, you can prevent  the "trapped" feeling that some of us associate with clipless pedals. Pat recently sent me this message: "Clipless pedals are a real advantage on a recumbent. (Gravity wants to take your feet OFF the pedals.) A year ago, I had a couple too many "stuck foot" experiences and abandoned them. The last thing a recumbent rider wants is to have a foot that won't come off the pedal so I put off going clipless for several months. Then I made a great "discovery". A blast of WD-40 on the pedal mechanism allows you to pop out as easily as you want! Safety in a can!" I put Pat's idea to the test and found that it actually works.  But to be safe, make sure you understand how your clipless pedals are supposed to work and practice, practice and practice again in a safe area, until you are 100% confident and the process becomes second nature.

My feet are numb!!!

Some of us have experienced numb feet when riding a recumbent.  I've found that most of the time, this is a temporary condition.  As your physical condition and circulatory system improves, the problem gradually goes away.  Unfortunately, this is not always true.  The following tips  may be of help:

  1. Avoid being a gear  masher. If your pedaling RPM is less than 80-85,  you're a gear masher. Pushing hard against the pedals for a long time can make your feet numb (your knees won't be grateful either).  Learn to spin faster. Choose a lighter, easier gear. Spin in circles and learn to pull back and pull up as  you spin. 
  2. Make sure your shoes are wide enough - Tight shoes can be the culprit.
  3. Wiggle your toes often.
  4. Consider a bike with a low bottom bracket.

If your feet still go numb and if you experience foot pain, you should consult with a "foot doctor" to rule out a more serious problem. 

My feet are fine, but my butt's killing me!

  1. Take a 10-minute break after 10-15 miles. Stretch.
  2. Recline your seat a little more to release some of the pressure.
  3. Get a Rans Seat (Trust me, RANS has not paid me to say this - I just happen to think that the RANS seat is one of the best in the market.)




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