Florida Recumbent Rider Clubs

We are a very diverse group of Recumbent Bicycle Enthusiasts who would love to have you as a member.

Go ahead, join our club, enjoy lots of fun rides and meet a bunch of bent folks in the area. The membership is FREE. To ride with us all you'll need is a bike and the desire/ability to bike.

Our rides fall into four main categories:

- Leisure/Moderate- 10-13 MPH (Approx 20 miles)
- Intermediate - 14-16 MPH (25-45 miles)
- Experienced -18 - 19 MPH 30 - 62 miles
- Advanced - 19 - 21 MPH (30-100 miles)

As a member, you are encouraged to:

- Setup your own profile for individual, daily digest or NO EMAIL!
- Post messages, post questions or start an online discussion on any
Recumbent Cycling related topics.
- Adhere to good web "netiquette".
- Participate in our scheduled rides and/or schedule your own rides
- Post ALL scheduled rides in our Event Calendar
- Embrace safe riding (including helmet use) and obey ALL traffic laws.
- Carry emergency repair tools, a cell phone and personal ID.
- Be informed of Recumbent Cycling Events in the South Florida area.
- Enjoy the Bent Life!

To view our Calendar of Events, Click HERE *

Have a question about or Bent Clubs? Please email

* Note:  A free Yahoo Account and membership to our group is needed to view our Calendar of events.


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